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    Fast, courteous and inexpensive towing and
    roadside assistance in California.

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    Call us, courteous and inexpensive towing and
    roadside assistance in California.

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We have been providing professional services to repair shops, insurance companies, private property owners and management companies throughout the bay area for over 10 years. Our professionally trained drivers can help get your car where it needs to go, safely and damage free. We can assist customers with vehicles of all types and sizes.

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Our Services

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Car Towing

Your hectic commute just took a turn for the worse. You hear it - that "clink-clickety-clunk" sound that is far from music to your ears. You pull your car over to the side of the road, but now you're stuck, miles from home.

Roadside Assistance

It's inevitable. The minute you get on the road for your well-planned road trip, you drive over a nail, and boom! Your tire blows and you don't have a spare! Our company has new service trucks ready for your emergency. Your time is valuable for us!

Motorcycle Towing

It’s not often that our motorcycles fail us, but when they do, do you know who to call? No? There’s only one name in the business that you can trust, and that’s Fast Towing Services 24 Hours. We’ve been towing motorcycles and scooters, and ATVs since 2002.

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General FAQ'S

Relocation of any vehicle type

Call the City and County of San Francisco Impound lot at 1-415-865-8200. The private property owner is required to notify the SFPD within 1 hour of authorizing a tow. CVC § 22658(f) The towing company must notify the SFPD of the tow no later than 30 minutes after removing the vehicle, or 15 minutes after arriving at the storage facility, whichever is earlier. CVC § 22658(m)
CVC § 22658(l): You may only be towed from private property IF: A PERSON WHO IS . . . the property owner or their employee, OR the commercial tenant or their employee, OR a tenant of an apartment building of fewer than 15 units that does not have an on-site manager [IF the tenant provides a written request to the property owner within 24 hours of the tow that the vehicle was parked in their assigned parking space AND IF the property owner provides a statement to the towing company within 48 hours of the tow that the tow is authorized.] . . . is on the property at the time of the tow to verify the violation, and . . . That person signs a written authorization for each vehicle removed. The written authorization must include make, model, VIN, license # of the vehicle; name, signature, job title, residential or business address and working telephone number of the person authorizing the tow; The reason for the tow; time when the vehicle was first observed parked on the property; and the time that the authorization to tow was given.
YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to pay no more than the maximum legal towing and storage charges. Until July 2009 the maximum rate is: $250 for the tow (standard size car and no special handling) $80 for each day of storage No more than half of the initial tow charge as gate fee if your reclaim your car between the hours of 5pm and 8am. CVC § 22658(n) The towing company may only charge one day of storage fees during the first 24 hours that the vehicle is in storage. After 24 hours the charge is by calendar day. CVC § 22658(i)(2) YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to pay with cash or major credit card. (Discover, Visa or Mastercard) The towing company is required to have sufficient cash on hand to make change. CVC § 22658(k) and (m), Civil Code § 1747.02
District Attorney Consumer Protection 1-415-551-9575 SFPD Tow Car Permit Division: 1-415-553-1115 Small Claims Court 1-415-551-5880 (Access Self-Help Center for the San Francisco Superior Court, 75 Polk Street, Room 001) Tow Complaint Lines District Attorney Consumer Complaint Line 1-415-551-9595 Commercial Vehicle Unit 1-415-553-1757

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