Private Property Towing

Legality of towing on private property?

Regarding the legality of towing a vehicle that is parked on private property without permission:

-obviously the vehicle is essentially "trespassing" on the private property and legal action may be taken to remove said vehicle.

However, mustn't this be done through the police? Isn't calling a tow truck to move the vehicle illegal, since it is responding to a legal infraction with yet another legal infraction...theft?

If the towing company takes the car off the private property at the request of the property owner WITHOUT notification to the vehicle owner and WITHOUT police participation, this is theft and/or illegal search and seizure is it not?

It is taking the law into your own hands (and is illegal) if the property owner does not involve police in the removal of the vehicle, right?


The owner of a piece of property in which a vehicle is illegal parked has the right to call a wrecker to have the vehicle removed.


No notification for police is required because it is a 'private property tow'... nothing for police.

If an officer responded to such a call, he doesn't have the authority to tow from private property.. only public roadways or easements.